Subject: IMPORTANT: EnJust 2020 Workshop in Freiburg postponed
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CfC: International workshop “Bridging research, policy and activism for environmental justice in times of crises”
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Upcoming Event: POLLEN Biennial Conference POLLEN20
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EnJust Workshop Freiburg 2020 - preparation and registration
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Keynote: Gordon Walker “Environmental justice in space and time: opening up temporalities”
Watch Gordon Walker's keynote lecture given in June 2019 at the EnJust workshop „Narratives and Practices of Environmental Justice“ at Kiel University.
Output of the World-Café Session (Kiel Workshop 2019)

How should environmental justice be addressed in research and teaching?
To which narratives, ideas and utopias do environmental justice movements refer?
Exploring environmental justice
Environmental justice & questions of sovereignty and self-determination
Network for Environmental Justice: International Workshop at the Geography Department at Kiel University
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